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Big_PigPork Products
Pasture Raised Big_ChickPoultry Products

Bacon Sliced 9.00/lb
Fresh Side Sliced (not cured) 7.50/lb
Ground Pork 5.00/lb
Bulk Sausage 5.50/lb
Sausage Patty 6.00/lb
Sausage Breakfast Link 8.00/lb
Hot Italian Links 7.00/lb
Bratwurst 7.00/lb
Mild Italian Links 7.00/lb
Ham Steak (Bone In) 6.50/lb
Ham Hocks 3.00/lb
Whole and Half Hams Available upon Request
Tenderloin 10.00/lb
Pork Chop (Thick & Thin) 6.00/lb
Boneless Chops 6.50/lb
Roasts (Shoulder & Loin) 5.50/lb
Ribs (Spareribs & Baby backs) 4.00-5.00/lb
Whole Chickens 3-4# average 3.50/lb
Boneless/Skinless Breast 10.00/lb
Split Breast Skin on 9.00/lb
Thighs Skin on 5.00/lb
Drumsticks 5.00/lb
Wings 4.00/lb
Liver 2.00/lb
Hearts 2.00/lb
Gizzards 2.00/lb
Feet (available upon request) 2.00/lb
Chicken Patty 7.00/lb
Ground Chicken 6.00/lb
Sweet Italian Ground Chicken 7.00/lb
Sweet Italian Chicken Links 8.00lb
Southwest Chipolte Links 8.00/lb
Chorizo Links  8.00/lb
Big_turkeyPasture Raised Turkey Products
Ground Turkey 6.00/lb
Fresh Thanksgiving Turkeys  preorder 3.50/lb

big_pet Pet Food
Made from our chicken backs and giblets

Ground product packed in 2lb container  $5.00
Processed by G&C Raw Pet Food Gettysburg, OH