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King Family Farm

King Family Farm officially began in 2002, though the founders have been involved in agriculture their entire lives.  Both JB & Charlene have ancestors from southeastern Ohio that were involved in agriculture, some since the 1800’s.  They are truly deeply rooted in southeastern Ohio’s agriculture.  Their first date in 1974 was taking a load of hogs to the Lancaster Depot.  In the years following, they fought to become successful in the hog business.  The devastating 1998 hog market crash nearly put them out of business.  If they were to survive in the hog business, they needed to innovate.  Direct marketing, taking the product directly to the consumer, was the solution.  They started selling meat to friends & neighbors.  Casa Nueva was their first commercial customer. We offer our products at Seaman’s Grocery in Athens, at the farm and possibly through buying clubs in your area.

All pork, chicken, & turkey from King Family Farm is raised without antibiotics. All of the feed is raised from non-GMO seed. The poultry is raised on grass & the hogs are outside in open barns or lots chickenswith plenty of fresh air and sunshine. All the animals are provided chickensprotection from the elements and kept as comfortable and clean as possible. King Family Farm raises 250+hogs, 10,000+ broiler chickens, 500 turkeys, and 300 laying hens every year. Grass Fed Beef coming soon.

The processing facilities are carefully selected for humane treatment & cleanliness. Both facilities, King and Sons Poultry Services and R&C Packing, are small family owned and operated businesses. These factors all contribute to King Family Farms producing the best possible food for your family & ours. Many repeat customers who have had reactions to or health issues with eating commercially produced meat are able to eat King Family Farm products with no problems.

We offer our products at Seaman’s Grocery on Union Street in Athens, Ohio.  They have our pork in their meat case and in their frozen section.  Our poultry is also in their frozen section.   Our products are also available for pickup at the farm; just call ahead to schedule a pickup time. Check out our buying clubs, more details on Buying Club page.