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Seamans Grocery, The Farmacy, The Village Bakery


Welcome to King Family Farm.  Hope you find our website informative.  Here at King Family Farm we are concerned about our food supply and strive to provide our customer with antibiotic free, chemical free products.  Our poultry is pasture raised in pastures that absolutely have no chemical spray!  Our hogs are raised in open barns. All livestock are provided protection from the elements.  Our feed is NON GMO!  We personally check our livestock everyday (hands on).  We recently purchased a small cow calf herd of low line angus and hereford cattle.  The ladies are busy raising their calves to help us provide our line of grass fed beef. King Family Farm officially began in 2002, though we have been involved in agriculture our entire lives.  Both JB & Charlene have ancestors from southeastern Ohio that were involved in agriculture, some since the 1800’s.  We are truly deeply rooted in southeastern Ohio’s agriculture.  Our first date in 1974 was taking a load of hogs to the Lancaster Depot.  In the years following, we fought to become successful in the hog business.  The devastating 1998 hog market crash nearly put us out of business.  If we were to survive in the hog business, we needed to innovate.  Direct marketing, taking the product directly to the consumer, was the solution.  King Family Farm started selling meat to friends and neighbors. In 1997, we gave a shot at raising meat chickens. We purchased a whole chicken at the grocery store and it just didn’t taste right.  From our first batch of 75 chickens we have grown to raising over 10,000 a year.  A couple of years later we thought we need to diversify so tried raising fresh Thanksgiving Turkeys.  Currently we raise over 350 turkeys yearly for the Holidays and also several turkey products.   Casa Nueva was our first commercial customer and remains our top customer today. Avalanche Pizza uses our ground pork and whole chicken for their wonderful pizzas.  Della Zona in Athens uses our Sweet Italian chicken for their marvelous wood fired pizzas.  Seaman’s Grocery, The Village Bakery, and The Farmacy in Athens also carry our products.  And of course, you are welcome at the farm.


King Family Farm

J.B. & Charlene King

3940 Factory Road

Albany, Ohio 45710